In the begining…

This is my first blog post and I’m pretty excited about it. I hope I don’t bore you all to death with the details of my life. This blog is meant to be informative and entertaining. I hope you learn something from reading it and I hope I can learn something from you all. Just bear with me as I work my way through all the finer points of blogging. It’s definitely a learning experience.

I’m probably going to be writing mostly about, DJing, music, and technology. These are topics that I spend a lot time researching and obsessing over. I’m a gadget fiend and the DJ world has plenty to offer so hopefully I can do some really interesting product reviews.

Another thing I hope to write about is the sorry state of the black music industry.  I am a child of the 70’s and ’80s.  I grew up listening to the early forms of rap, and Hip-Hop.  I’ve seen it grow and progress and I’ve also seen it take a turn for the worse.  As a DJ I get lots of music from established and new indie artists and it’s scary to see the vicious cycle of BS and mediocrity that is being pushed out these days.  Please believe I will have plenty to say about all of that.

I’ll also be chronicling my adventures in the music industry not only as a DJ, but also as an artist.  I make beats and I license my music for TV, Radio and other multimedia projects.  I used to work with rappers and singers but drama always seemed to get in the way of productivity so I have been working solo lately.  I’ve had more success as an independent artist that produces instrumental music than when I worked with all of those talented artists.  I learned how to get into the REAL music biz and  how to get REAL royalty checks.  I often get lots of questions from people about how I did what I did and I just want to give that knowledge out so we stop being starving artists.  There is money to be made in this industry and it isn’t coming from selling CDs. Let’s see how we can be a part of that money.

Hopefully this brief introduction will give you some insight as to what to expect from my totally awesome blog.


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