It’s been a long time…

It’s been months (almost a a year!) since I’ve updated this blog so I should have plenty to write about. There’s been a lot of changes behind the scenes and I performed at several battles and a huge music festival also.

I was an artist at the A3C Hip-Hop Festival’s Needle To The Record showcase, which was sponsored in part by Digiwaxx and SMS Audio. I made some good connections while there and managed to secure a pair of the SMS Audio by 50 headphones. I’m also now an official Brand Ambassador for SMS Audio as a result of that. I got to kick it with reps from Guitar Center and Rane as well and they hooked me up with some cool swag.

A few months ago I was a participant in the Respect The DJ competition help at Opera night club. It was a dope experience where I got to meet up with a lot of new and old faces in the Atlanta DJ scene. This was a mixing competition and I feel like I did well enough but I know I could have done better if I focused strictly on mixing and not putting any time into scratching. I learned that there are different kinds of DJ “battles” or “competitions” and you have to cater to the rules and judging if you want to be successful. There’s going to be another Respect The DJ next month and hopefully I will re-enter.

During the Summer I was also involved in the Master of the Mix DJ competitions at Metro Fuxion night club. I made it through the first round but I didn’t place in the finals. This competition was based solely on crowd reaction and the winner was the person that brought the most people to the club, plain and simple. I left with a big gift bag including a big ‘ole bottle of Smirnoff vodka and some other goodies. I know my skills had me in the lead for this battle, but this was nothing more than a popularity contest. My participation in this battle led to an offer to come back to the club and spin, but the money wasn’t right and the crowd was not what I’m used to.

I entered the Guitar Center DJ battle in Marietta and dropped a dope routine that included way more beat juggling than I am used to doing. It seems like the battle circuit is more interested in juggling than scratching so I have to adapt my set a bit. I still intend to get my cut on but you have to please the masses. I came in 4th place but this was my best performance yet. I’m going to continue to refine and fine tune this routine. I got a lot of compliments on my set and some people even had me chosen to win. This shows me that I’m on to something with my sets. I don’t have to win the contest as long as I win the people.

Another thing I’m looking to do is increase my brand awareness. I’m still working on the DJ Logic show and am using every gig as a chance to refine my performances. Expect to see more advertising and marketing from me in the near future.






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