Mobile Me

A lot of my readers only know me from the different gigs that I do. Some may only know me as a battle or competition DJ while others may be familiar with my work in the club/bar scene. An often overlooked aspect of DJing is that of the mobile entertainer. This strikes me as odd since I got my start in the game as a mobile DJ and I have always done mobile DJ events as long I have been a DJ. Most of my mobile gigs are for weddings and receptions but I can also do house parties, corporate events and any type of event that requires quality and dependable sound.

Lately, I’ve been trying to refocus primarily on mobile gigs.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy setting up at a location and providing the kind of entertainment that makes an event a success. Clubs and bars are fun and easy gigs, but I like the challenge of showing a diverse group of people a good time.  My weddings have always been top notch performances and I take pride in that. My corporate events are always professional and clean and I leave the audiences entertained and satisfied. With all of that considered, I decided that 2015 will be focused on continuing that tradition of excellent events.

This year I’ve totally revamped my sound system.  I’ve gotten rid of all of my older equipment and replaced it with newer, more powerful gear that reflects my commitment to quality. Everything was swapped out down to the wires. Lights were also upgraded and I’m looking to add a video element to my show over the course of the next 6 months. One thing I felt I was lacking was a uniform look to my sound system. No more mismatched gear, or worn out looking cases and accessories. While I’ve never been one to half do a job or use poor equipment, I always knew I could do better, look better, and sound better.  I think I’ve finally managed to achieve that.

Along with the new look and equipment comes some other changes to my business model as well. From now on I am using contracts for ALL booking engagements. I used to be a lot less formal with my bookings and only used contracts for weddings and corporate events. Now I’ll be using some form of written agreement for all engagements. I’ve taken the steps to have the documents stored on my phone so I can readily send a prospective client the necessary paperwork to finalize a booking right there on the spot. I also now take Credit Cards and Debit cards. I’ve signed up with square and have the app on my phone which allows me to email or text receipts and invoices to customers. I’m also using companies like GigSalad to book events as well. Gig Salad has been very helpful in generating leads from people looking for a mobile entertainer.

The final change in my business model is pricing. Often, the first question people ask me is how much I charge. I usually try to explain the cost as I quote my prices in an effort to soften the blow or to avoid sticker shock. This would sometimes have me under bidding for my services or just giving an inaccurate price. I’ve had to take a lo hard look at my goals for my company and the amount of time and effort that it takes for me to do an event. This had led to some changes in my prices and it gives me a more realistic price that I can confidently give to my customers without wondering if I am bidding too low or if I am too expensive. With all of that considered, here are my basic rates for services. Keep in mind that these are basic rates for the service listed. I understand that not all events are the same so there is some flexibility and customization for the different packages I offer.

Ceremony Sound System rental (1 speaker on a stand with 1 wireless microphone and mixer)……………………100.00

Small Sound System Rental (2 speakers on stands with a mixer and 1 wireless microphone)………………………150.00

Medium Sound System Rental (2 speakers on stands with a Subwoofer, mixer, 2 wireless microphones)……..200.00

DJ Performance …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..75.00 pr/hr

These are the basic services that I provide and their costs.  While this means I can no longer do the $200 wedding anymore , it also means that I am able to stay competitive and in line with what other professionals are charging for similar services. If you would compare my pricing with other professional DJs you will find that I am actually very reasonably priced. I won’t empty your pockets with my prices. As I mentioned earlier, these are just the basic prices and the package you decide on can be a hybrid of these services and can also be expanded upon with lights and other services.

With all of the above said, I look forward to a very busy new year and hope to hear from anyone that is looking to book a talented DJ for their events!


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